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iCustomer Campaign Management

provides your users with

unique and personalized experience

by utilizing detailed insight actions.

Focus on every client individually

What is iCustomer Campaign Management?

Increasing complexity of data has led to the rise of marketing automation and, therefore knowledge management software. Consequently, we developed iCustomer Campaign Management.

Nowadays, the challenge is how to transform massive amounts of data into a meaningful piece of information to trigger relevant marketing actions. In due time without data automation of campaign management systems, it will become impossible to handle a significant amount of information.

With this in mind, iCCM enables you, as a provider, to automate your marketing processes. With our software you can support sales, run surveys, reduce churn and increase customer revenues. Therefore this prime tool allows you to communicate easily with your customers.

We would like to point out that iCCM is just one component of our Intelligence Solutions, which combine leading technology in analytics, data warehousing, performance management, campaign planning, and execution. Inducta’s solution integrates information from every source within your organization and enables you to respond quickly to changing business needs.

What do you get with iCustomer Campaign Management?

iCustomer Campaign Management is a tool for running customized and personalized campaigns.

In the first place, you can provide your customers with information about how they can benefit from your offer. Not only you can raise awareness about your products and services, but also increase loyalty and tighten your relationship with customers.

Equally important is a delivery of sophisticated and multi-channel real-time campaigns, as well as meaningful conversations and experience tailored to customer’s needs. You can also create segments, automate execution, schedule campaigns, and trace responses.

Some of the features are explained below.



The ‘Groups’ section of iCustomer Campaign Management presents the list of customers that will be processed by campaign workflow. You can design Target group upon which campaign will be executed or test your settings with the Test group.

The ‘Customers’ selection from the database is performed by designing an evaluation called selection rule set. Therefore selection rules are designed through a system rule engine. For example, you can use customer profile attributes and built-in functions to select target segment.


Individual profile

Customers are in demand for the highest possible service level and personalized experience. It is important to realize that you, as an operator, must provide top-quality customer management.
To achieve this, automatization of customer’s profile is necessary. For example, our individual profile feature captures activities, purchases, interactions, contacts, interests and all the relevant information to build a stronger relationship with the customer.


Real-time interaction

Marketing efficiency, backed by effective automatization of marketing processes, may lead to increased revenues and decreased costs by more than 20%.

Efficiency comes from accurate and timely actions. With the information you have gathered through various channels, using our solution, you can lift communication to the higher level.  For one thing, you can choose the channel which best suits your customer and ensure immediate action. Also, your reaction can be instantaneous.



All data entered into the system, combined with captured activities and measurements, are interpreted as Stats tables and dashboards.

These provide you with focused content, analysis, explanation and necessary results for your business. As a result, it becomes easy to keep track of valuable information.

You can also create reports of campaign metrics directly from the OLAP server in your spreadsheet application.



  • Automatization of marketing and its content
  • iCustomer Campaign management is easy to use
  • The ultimate way to run surveys and launch campaigns
  • Multi-channel marketing – using any of the following – e-mail, self-care, POS, USSD, SMS, IVR, direct mailing…
  • Trigger-driven campaigns for delivering messages right-on-time
  • Tracking the delivery of every message and information flow monitoring
  • Measuring the results of the campaign in real time
  • Predicting customer’s needs
  • Enhancing the quality of interaction with customers
  • In time reaction to customer’s needs.
  • Transparency of reports

Where did the need for modern marketing come?


First of all, rapidly changing customer’s behavior requires greater flexibility.

Furthermore, a growing number of highly connected consumers lead to their impatience.

In the third place, modern times and greater competition require quick actions and create the need for faster business protocols.

Also, customer’s expectations have changed as they are used finding information instantly- consequently interaction with them must improve.

Most importantly, You need to focus on the value in the eyes of the customer, which is much more than just price. You must show them what it means regarding their return on investment.

What are our answers to those needs?


We allow you to present your product in a unique way through various channels.

Our solution connects you with the customer, but at the same time, we allow them to take time and evaluate your offer.

Where there is a need for the creation of personalized experience, our solution provides identification of target groups.

As the company which is always flexible and alert, giving the customers information when they need them – automatization of the campaign management is the only right way for your business activity.

If you are not tracking customer’s behavior, you are likely to miss the opportunity of showing them the real value. With iCCM, you can keep track of every phone call, message, mail or inquiry. Find the best proposal for your customer based on their behavior.