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Here are answers to some of our FAQ that may certainly help you to learn something about us or our products. If you’ve not been able to find an answer in our FAQ please contact us using the form on our website or send us mail.

How can I monitor my campaigns with iCCM?2018-04-27T14:23:27+01:00

You can track campaign take off with our dashboards and statistic since every campaign and every group has statistical data for real-time measuring the results.

How does iCCM work?2018-04-16T14:31:50+01:00

Use rules to create basic customer segments which are used as a base for running campaigns. Addition rules to the existing segments create groups among them.

Automate everything – info messaging, offers activation, waves of execution, and much more.

By browsing through the customer profile it is possible to see details on the customer level. Tracking of the results is enabled by generated reports and dashboards.

How does my business benefit from using iCCM?2019-03-21T10:37:05+01:00

With cross-channel campaigns, you can reach every user with a personalized message.

You can build a trust developing strategy for your company. The iCCM software presents to you meaningful data so you can be effective when negotiating with a client. Save money by eliminating all the unnecessary communication and questioning.

With this great tool, you get more employees involved.

Personalization, cost reduction, focus and reach are just some of the benefits.

How do my customers benefit from using a Tariff simulator?2019-03-21T10:37:05+01:00

If you want to create a better bond between you and your customers, build their loyalty, you can cut their expenses to let them know they are a valuable client to you.  Calculate their spending on different tariffs and find better offer for them. That is how great business is built – with happy customers.

How does my business benefit from using a Tariff simulator?2019-03-21T10:37:05+01:00

If your business wants to reduce costs, tariff simulator multiplies your existing consumption numbers with the different price plans available on the market and presents you with the best offer for your spending.

If your business has several attractive offers from different suppliers, with tariff simulator you choose the best one from various different price packages.

As an operator, you can simulate users’ billing records with new tariffs to amend your relationships because the most valuable customers are loyal and profitable ones.


Who should use a Tariff simulator?2016-12-28T14:45:32+01:00

Operators can simulate prices of different tariffs to find the best offers for their existing users and for attracting new ones.

Large companies can optimize their costs by simulating different prices on the market compared to their consumption.

What can Inducta do for my business?2019-03-21T10:37:05+01:00

flexibilityThe advantage of our way of doing business is that we accommodate to customers’ needs. We offer full flexibility in adoption your methods and standards.

Scanning business situation and searching solution together with the customer is leading us to a better understanding of your business and finding the best solution for the given problem.

In the end, our software allows you work in a more efficient way by providing you with more energy and time for your core business, modernization, expense reduction, and more profit.

Does Inducta partner with other suppliers?2019-03-21T10:37:06+01:00

partnershipInducta tends to enter into joint projects when necessary. For example, if a customer already has its designers, its hosting provider (or something similar), we enter the project by adapting to new environment.

We have experience in system integration with a large number of customers and for some markets, we are entering with our partners.

We consider in some projects that we can benefit from our compatible partners.

What about quality assurance?2019-03-21T10:37:06+01:00


Before project delivery, we perform detailed testing and software verification.

To avoid problems our quality assurance department deals with the unit and system testing, load and performance testing, regression testing and integration testing.

We are preparing test cases, detailed reporting and support acceptance testing, on-site if needed. During the project customer monitors and controls development progress.

Do you provide technical support and software maintenance?2019-03-21T10:37:06+01:00

supportWe provide post development maintenance. Included in our support are bug fixing and functionality expansion.

When agreed and necessary we offer 24/7 support.

Driven by the expertise and dedication, we are a full-service company which follows the customer from gathering requirements to the maintenance stage.

What is unique about Inducta’s technology?2019-03-21T10:37:06+01:00

unique offerOur solutions are simple, yet effective, ample, yet customized, comprehensive, yet insightful.

We put emphases on collaboration and focus on quality. Our development system is based on the iWorkflow framework. Skills diversity gives us the opportunity to be flexible for any request.

We are a reliable company with quality products, always there for our customers. We represent the client’s best interest by providing a seamless extension of their business.


What kind of applications can be built by Inducta?2019-03-21T10:37:06+01:00

Applications which facilitate your business’s needs, track customer’s behavior, stock order or production progress are all on our resume.

We build analytical applications which measure and analyze data so you can improve your business insights. See our solutions and products.