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Project Description

iTS – iTariff Simulator

It is a powerful pricing tool, allowing you to view effects of the new tariffing strategies on historical billing records. It simulates various pricing options and what-if scenarios to determine the optimal pricing strategy for service or offer. It is the advanced engine which works with any type of tariff or service technology; including voice, data, landline, wireless or cable.

Possible scenarios of using our product

  1. The operator can simulate customer’s usage with existing tariffs – offering him more appropriate price plan as a loyalty reward.
  2. The operator can use this tool to simulate usage in order to attract new customers and offer them a better product.
  3. The company, in order to reduce expenses, can simulate existing usage with offered price plans from various mobile operators. iTariff simulator tool enables the user to search for better price plan than the one in use.


  • No more relying on educated guesses and past experiences to see the effectiveness of the new tariff.
  • Tariff simulator computes the expected revenues of any tariff model based upon user profiles. It is possible to emulate end-consumer tariffs or competitor’s tariffs as well.
  • This tool allows you to produce detailed analyses regarding the pros and cons of various tariff models for the end-consumer.
  • Great help for companies which pay too much for telecommunication services and want to control their spending.
  • A friendly web interface gives you direct access to a warehouse of voice, data and SMS roaming records, which you have previously entered in the price plan.
  • You can analyze scenarios for up to 12 months of historical call data at the retail or wholesale level.
  • Reports that would have taken days of manual effort to produce are automatically generated, so you can quickly see results and make adjustments for maximum benefit.
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