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Project Description

iCustomer Market Segmentation

Our application helps you to create valuable segment base of your customers. The personalized approach needs to constantly evolve with the ever-changing expectations of consumers.

A segmented market makes running campaigns much easier. It reduces customer churn and increases revenue per user. Customer segmentation gives you a competitive advantage that is valuable and difficult for others to reproduce. Right-on-time action and smart segmentation are the ingredients for remarkable marketing. It is essential that everything that makes up a market segment can be changed, adapted and updated at any time. Our segmentation database has cross-tool compatibility. When you build a segment, you can apply it over and over again: use it in iCustomer Campaign Management, in iTariff Simulator or iCustomer behavior prediction.

If your customers keep getting offers not relevant to them, you risk losing their interest. With iCMS, communication with customers is tailored to their behavior and directed towards their real needs and preferences.


Our solutions are packed with features for your benefit. Tracking results, measuring strategy effectiveness, integrated data and scheduled processing are just some of them.

Segments can be reused as many times as you want or hide them if you don’t want them reused.

Easily create rules with predefined variables that are specific to you. If you need to change them, simply do so without leaving the workflow and their effects will apply immediately.

You can schedule processing of your segments to daily, weekly, monthly or you can set it manually at your convenience.

Individual profile feature tracks all activities, purchases, interactions, contacts, interests and other relevant information to help you build a stronger relationship with the customer. The feature is fully automated and contains everything you may need to know.

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