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Project Description

iCustomer Campaign Management

enables you to automate your marketing processes to support sales, run surveys, reduce churn and increase customer revenues. With this prime tool, it becomes easy to talk to customers. Campaign management is just one component of Inducta’s Intelligence Solutions, which combine leading technology in analytics, data warehousing, performance management, campaign planning, and execution.

Inducta’s solution integrates information from every source within your organization and enables you to respond quickly to changing business needs.



The ‘Customers’ selection from the database is performed by designing an evaluation called selection rule set. You can use customer profile attributes and built-in functions to select target segment.

Individual profile

To achieve high-quality customer management, automatization of customer’s profile is a necessity. Individual profile feature captures activities, purchases, interactions, interests and all the relevant information to build a stronger relationship with the customer.

Real-time interaction

Marketing efficiency, backed by effective automation of marketing processes, may lead to increased revenues and decreased costs by more than 20%. Efficiency comes from accurate and timely actions.


All data entered in the system combined with captured activities and measurements are interpreted as Stats tables and dashboards. These provide you with focused content, analysis, explanation and necessary results for your business. This way it becomes easy to keep track of important information. You can also create reports of campaign metrics directly from the OLAP server in your spreadsheet application.

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