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The idea behind the iWorkflow platform is to provide the possibility to implement and test those repeated patterns in the form of plugin modules and then reuse them in a number of different solutions. Graphical workflow design is preserving the clarity of overall solution design and transparency of the implemented logic. The iWorkflow is here to implicitly ensure that non-functional requirement of the target solution is up to the required standards.

One of the most important things, to be able to fully reuse modules and plugins throughout different solutions, is the possibility to design data structures and to be able to work with user configurable data structures. By using data designer, users can define their own data structures and then use them in workflow designs for storing messages and all the other data instances that workflow operates with.

iWorkflow Features overview

Workflow designer

By using the designer it is possible to define data types used on external or internal interfaces, to add, modify or remove workflow components and connections, edit the configuration, edit scripted code, define rules, lookup tables and much more.

Data designer

Data designer is part of the Workflow designer that provides a convenient way, and easy to use a graphical tool, to design data structures to be used with internal and external workflow interfaces.

Components and connections

iWorkflow consists of tasks carried out by the plugin components. A component can do the following:

  • any number of input or output ports
  • provide her own fixed data types (schemes) to the workflow
  • inject metadata variables into the workflow definitions
  • its own configuration schemes
  • presentation related configuration (image, relative position of ports, etc), and most importantly
  • provide specific functional implementation to the workflow.

Composition of workflows

Different workflows can be connected together to create more complex definitions. In other words, one workflow can be used as a component in another workflow. This way, some common functionality can be designed once and reused in many different scenarios.

Rules component

iWorkflow comes with integrated rules component. Rules component provides a possibility to define a set of hierarchically organized rules that can be used to either influence the message flow, or message content, or both. Rules are defined by using a graphical user interface without any coding.

Full flexibility through scripting

When some complex handling is required that cannot be carried out by other components alone, the workflow platform is equipped with a rich set of features that enable convenient use of C# as a scripting language in the workflow definition.

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