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Project Description


iTone is a mobile marketing service which brings multiple benefits to Network operators, Advertisers, and Mobile users by using the mobile network ring tone as marketing media.

It is a completely new marketing medium that provides massive direct marketing communication. The main advantage of iTone, compared to other massive marketing media, is the user’s concentration on its content. The reason for that is that a user listening to iTone message is in fact very concentrated because he or she is waiting for the dialed user to answer the call.

The standard use case from the perspective of a mobile user is the following:

1. User B starts the service for his mobile number by sending SMS with the text ‘iToneStart’ to a specified shortcode

2. When User A calls User B, instead of the standard network ring tone he or she hears iTone audio with short and direct marketing content (e.g. “Always Coca-Cola™”)

3. For each incoming call, User B is included in the revenue model and his or her account will be recharged with a specified amount.

iTone allows a subscriber to define the type of an ad that the person calling him or her will be presented with. Different content can be associated with different times of the day, days and callers.

iTone service provides the following benefits to each player on the market:

Network operator generates new revenue, increases Average Revenue Per User, increases customer loyalty, attracts new users

Advertiser generates new revenue, is provided with a direct link to the subscriber, acquires a new advertisement channel

The mobile user generates new income, is provided with increased mobile services usage possibility, is provided with direct and short market information

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