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Project Description

iEnterprise Messaging Center – iEMC 

iEnterprise Messaging Center is a central system for distribution of messages. It enables distribution of the following types of messages: SMS, MMS, E-mails, Fax messages, Voice messages.


Models of communication

  • Distribution of messages to a single recipient
  • Distribution of messages according to the iEMC distribution list that contains one or more recipients
  • Receiving of text messages to iEnterprise Messaging Center and further distribution to users using predefined rules

Managing distribution lists

Data can be synchronized from the register of employees, or recipients can be entered for the purpose of adding them to a distribution list. Definition of distribution lists enables assignment of recipients to one or more distribution lists.

Message archiving

For those users who have activated the option of archiving sent messages, iEMC provides an overview of sent messages via a Web interface. iEnterprise Messaging Center allows exporting sent messages in ASCII format and optionally deleting them from iEMC database.

Communication channels

Messages can be sent to the telecommunication operators using SMS termination service provided by Inducta Media or via e-mail, using user’s infrastructure that supports SMTP protocol.


The template can be defined for each message type, given the particular communication channel over which it will be distributed. In case of the defined message template, client system needs to send only the variable data from the template and based on templates and data from the client system, iEnterprise Messaging Center creates content that will be sent to end user.

For every template, there is a possibility of defining a custom template using alternative languages.

Input interface

iEMC SOAP adapter enables integration with various parts of end user’s information system in case they need to send messages using SOAP (XML) protocol. iEMC Outlook adapter enables integration with Microsoft Outlook®. iEMC Web Messenger provides a friendly Web application interface for registered users, which enables them to send messages. iEMC Document2email tool provides distribution of documents through the iEMC system, enabling the user to store his / her files on a predefined network storage folder.

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