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Project Description


What is iLighting? iLighting is software for wireless management of public lighting. The intelligent street lighting works remotely. Our solution offers you the lamp – level management capabilities. Every lamp can be switched on and off or dimmed at any time: automatically, according to a set of predefined rules, or manually through the use of simple user interface.

Public lighting system often leads to excessive use of electricity, 40% of the public budget is spent for streetlights alone. Therefore we developed an efficient solution for controlling public lighting.

Sensors establish conditions around the light source and accordingly change street lighting work mode (muffled, off, amplified). The iLighting system gathers a large amount of data. The current situation, power consumption, and malfunctions are reported and stored in the database with the exact timestamp and geographic location. Basic functions of the whole system are shown in the drawing below.

The sensor module together with the control module can be incorporated into a lighting fixture, comprising:

  • Lux sensor – depending on the amount of natural light, the lamp will light up or work dimmed in order to save energy.
  • Motion Sensor – if space/ street/park is empty, there is no need for lighting or it may be dimmed. This sensor switches the light depending on the amount of traffic underneath it.
  • Weather sensors – due to high humidity in the air (fog), lighting will be enhanced to ensure the best possible conditions (visibility) on the road.
Due to the open architecture, the network of public lighting becomes available from anywhere at any time allowing flexible management.

Using iLighting solution provides several benefits:

  • Energy savings
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improved reliability of the outdoor lighting
  • Reduced cost of maintenance
  • Easier maintenance
  • Automatic malfunction alarm
  • Dynamic adaptation to user needs
  • Constant light output
  • Wireless control
  • Easy installation within existing infrastructure
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