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Project Description


What is iKiosk? It can be a self-service tool for providing better service to your customers. Think about them as vending machines, exchange offices, the prolonged hand of your core business for marketing purposes, as a secure stock management of materials for work, as a ticketing machine for large happenings or as a bill payment place. Combinations are various the choice is yours.

The retail industry has been affected by the rising popularity of online shopping services. Our kiosks have been conceived and designed specifically to meet certain specific needs. It can serve you for many promotional purposes, a well-finished and refined design can hold banners and pictures of a selling product whilst display can play messages about a product or company.
Our solution helps you to improve your service and decrease costs, which results in saving time, space and resources while the productivity of the company is increased. Regardless of the sector or the scope of activities, these kiosks enable company’s sales personnel to focus on other aspects of business upon their integration with internal processes of the company.

By introducing compact and modern kiosk software to your business, a user is provided with the possibility to use your products or services in a reliable and flexible way that would otherwise be restricted by location and operating hours.

It provides a complete solution coupled with a secure Web administration interface. Besides high availability – 3G technology, updating, monitoring, managing and security, the iKiosk software provides a solution with access to the local or remote web (more kiosks can be regulated from the central position).

What are marketing possibilities with iKiosk?

By using our software you are reducing time to market, managing innovation challenges and establishing a path for growth.
  • Maximize your market share
  • Defend your present market share against competitors
  • Reinforce your brand position
  • Reduce cost and maximize profits
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