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Project Description

iVoucher management system – iVOMS

A high-performance iVoucher management system providing support for the whole voucher life-cycle management. It includes flexible loyalty and campaign possibilities that Operator can use to effectively execute its marketing activities.

The iVoucher management system is a prepaid independent system and can be integrated with all main billing and prepaid system vendors. Additionally, it is independent of recharging request channel and supports IVR, USSD, SMS, WEB, WAP and generic SOAP interfaces for recharging requests.


Voucher generation

Before voucher generation, the user needs to define voucher type, a number of vouchers and optionally Loyalty parameters connected to the voucher. After the request has been submitted, vouchers are generated and saved in encrypted form in iVoucher management system database.


Distribution of vouchers toward external partners/systems is done using iVoms Administrator GUI based on Web technology. Vouchers with status ‘generated’ are filtered with additional attributes and in an encrypted file.


Housekeeping of vouchers is done with two main modules:

  • Housekeeping jobs – automatic procedures scheduled to execute actions periodically
  • Housekeeping GUI – enabling User manipulation of vouchers.

Voucher activation

Using available voucher activation channels, voucher activation request is sent to iVoucher management system. Voucher activation channel can be USSD, IVR, Web, WAP, SMS or Customer care. Each voucher activation request contains MSISDN of the prepaid subscriber and voucher Hidden Recharge Number (HRN).

Complete data about recharging is written in iVoms’s database and is available for further analytics processing needed for reports.

Loyalty management

The iVoms system tracks all voucher activations and maintains the recharge counter per subscriber level. Same counters combined with a time period make a base for promotion plan. The plan also contains the target counter values. Once the counters reach the predefined value the iVoms executes additional credit recharge and/or expiry date prolongation of the prepaid account.

Customer care

Customer care interface is realized over iVoms administrator application based on web technology. Two main functionalities are available for Customer Care:

  • Query transaction status – based on MSISDN and/or voucher serial number.
  • Voucher activation – with MSISDN of the subscriber and voucher Hidden Recharging Number (HRN) -voucher activation request is initiated and activation status is returned to Customer Care Web GUI.
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