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Project Description


iFrameVision is a web application development framework for RAD (Rapid Application Development). We use it every day in the development of our applications, providing continuous improvements based on real-world experience.

iFrameVision has the following major benefits:

  • Prototyping is made effortlessly with an available generator, providing you with the ability to promptly deliver a prototype to the Customer, leaving more time for its validation and verification.
  • Increased development speed by using pre-built modules.
  • Unified design is an integrated feature of the application developed with iFV framework, which leaves the minimum possibility for human error.
  • Flexibility is ensured by allowing custom handling of application parts.
  • Application change management is in your control. This means it is possible to change standard functionality in one place and to keep up with the speed of Customer’s business change frequency.

You will never again forget important non-functional application characteristics such as user audit, rights management, data change management… they are built-in.

Project Details

Skills Needed: