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Project Description

iProduction Planning

Our iPP application enables different manufacturing approaches and supports various types of production. It keeps and stores annual, quarterly and monthly production plans in one place.

System integration

Sectors of a company are linked together directly. The Commercial sector opens manufacturing orders and requests the needed materials. Technology then forms a work order with initial operation times. Warehouse reports status of materials while Production handles actual operations, machine availability and production time per unit.

Planning flow

Details of every operation – what to produce, when to produce and how much to produce – are presented in production planning – the Gantt chart.

From the Gantt chart view, users can select time periods, operations and machines for which they want a more detailed view. They can also change the order of manufacturing in case of an emergency, see the relation between interdependent operations, and much more. Work orders, operations to be executed, planned operations, state of the material, list of machines and their details, production in progress and delivery reports – sorted by buyers or days – are available at any time.

Production scheduling

The production is controlled throughout all stages: from procuring raw materials to the finished product. iPP supports sudden changes to the plan as well: this will adapt the production to new circumstances and reduce the reaction time to customers’ requests.

Requested operations are added to the Gantt chart by the simple drag-and-drop method, wherever there is an available machine. Thus they become planned operations.

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