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Project Description


iActivator is a flexible provisioning solution customizable to any network as central or support provisioning system. It provides functionalities like activation, deactivation, and modification of service parameters for various network elements initiated from the single source. It also provides the Operator with a machine-to-machine interface between the initiating system and one or more target systems in a flexible and reliable way, achieved by specially designed modular architecture.

Protocol handlers

The protocol handler is used to provide uniform access to various network elements and to hide the physical implementation of network connections.

Following functions are supported:

  • Support for various network protocols: TCP/IP Sockets, SNMP, TELNET, TFTP, CMISE, CAI3G, SOAP, HTTP
  • Handles security – login/logoff scripts
  • Receives commands from BSS systems
  • Sends commands to the appropriate network element
  • Receives responses from network elements in the format supported by the network element

Parsers and formatters

Parsers and formatters are components that are used for formatting and parsing of messages sent to and received from network elements. Various different formats can be supported, such as:

  • Fixed text formats
  • Delimited text formats
  • Combined fixed-delimited formats
  • Key-value formats with or without sections
  • XML format
  • HTTP requests/responses

Transaction handler

The transaction handler manages transactional execution of commands on target systems. IT also controls the transaction in a way that transaction has the following properties: Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability.

It splits the command issued from the initiating system to one or more commands for one or more target systems, handles responses from each target system and decides whether to:

  • Rollback the transaction and report failure
  • Resubmit some of the commands and wait for  responses
  • Commit the transaction and report success



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