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Project Description

iPoint of Sale – iPOS 

iPOS is a platform that gives the Organization full control over the product, stock and order management using Products database, integration with ERP system and statistics collection and reporting.


Product management

Centralized management of all Organization’s products in one place.

The product offering is a representation of product catalog item that is facing end customer.  Associated with product offering, price plan tells the iPoint of Sale how much to charge to end customer for selected goods.

The product catalog is able to have price plan that is valid for all regions, or one price plan for every region. It is able to have rules to sell or not to sell product offering to selected: POS type, Area (Region) and Customer type. Product configuration is an entity that links product catalog with order management and workflow modules. Product specification is an entity that holds product item technical attributes like size, weight, quantity measures etc. For bundled product offerings, the order of workflow execution can be defined in a product catalog.

Stock management

Receiving and loading stock from SAP – applicable for all goods with or without serial numbers, ordering stock from the main warehouse to iPOS, transferring goods from one point of sale to another, assign resources to sales agent, iPOS local warehouse stock count, the return of items to shop.

Involved Parties’ management

The organization can have its own shops as well as manage distributor’s shops from iPoint of Sale. Every dealer has a profile which contains contact, balance (open debt) and set of rights which allow the dealer to use the specific functionality of iPOS. Dealer hierarchy and dealer business model is supported.

Order management and sales support

Sales tool is fully integrated with Product management, Stock management components and with fiscal printers. It supports various payment types and can collect data about the customer.


Built-in OLAP client (reports by geographical location, shop, sales agent, product, dealer, etc.).

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