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Project Description

iCustomer Experience Management – iCEM

To be successful, your customer experience plan must be able to turn satisfied customers into loyal customers, and ultimately into advocates for your company. iCustomer Experience Management can help you with that. Satisfied customer equals successful business.

Inducta’s iCustomer Experience Management, which is characterized by security, reliability, compatibility, and integration, enables you to understand factors significant for customer experience and to devise effective strategies necessary to enhance them. Inducta iCEM is a tool that provides a holistic view of the customer, enabling organizations to understand how to deliver better solutions and provide more effective service for their clients.

To measure customer satisfaction and loyalty, Inducta provides suites of on-demand applications. From e-business and IT to customer service and complaints, iCustomer Experience Management provides visibility, insight, and answers required to explore opportunities for improvement and innovation in your business. Insight into current issues affecting customers’ behavior and into organization’s business impacts helps protect the revenue and reduce churn rate.

iCustomer Experience Management is about mapping, improving and delivering valuable experiences throughout all customer interactions, and it deals with customer’s perception of value, which has both functional and emotional components.

Key Benefits include:

  • increased value
  • quick identification and resolving of  hidden or hard-to-find application problems
  • optimization of business
  • reduced loss of earnings and the recovery of customers
  • making real mobile investment decisions
  • improving, investing or removing features and services
  • accelerating time to market
  • improvement of mobile services
  • real-time drag-and-drop analysis to quantify the effect on revenue and segmentation according to the specific mobile user behavior.

iCEM makes it easier than ever for operators to hear the ‘voice of customers’, manage the customer experience, and share information across your entire organization from operations to marketing to customer care.

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