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Why you need to define market segment and how can iCustomer Market Segmentation help you with it

A market segment is a discernible group of individuals, businesses or organizations that have something in common. Every market segment has its needs, something unique that sets it apart from other segments, and its members will respond similarly to placed services or products. To obtain predictable results, you must divide your customers into groups based on how would they react to an offer – groups that you expect to provide positive feedback.

iCustomer Market Segmentation (iCMS) allows you to create such groups and quickly identify which customers will best fit your business by evaluating the exact segment you wish to pursue.

A market segment should be:

  • measurable
  • easily communicated with
  • long lasting
  • substantial enough to be profitable

Segment bases definition allows you to make the most of your knowledge about the customer

with iCustomer Market Segmentation, you can save valuable time and create detailed, measurable customer segments according to customers’ needs

icustomer market segmentation - knowledge about the customer
great features of icustomer market segmentation

Make your marketing more effective with the help of great features of our iCustomer Market Segmentation

tracking results, data integration, scheduled processing, all segmentation bases in one place

capture customer’s attention, have meaningful marketing insight, reduce customer churn, reduce the risk of failed campaigns

icustomer market segmentation is solving problems