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The importance of building customer relationship

Single customer view is today a must-have for any serious customer-oriented business, so we are presenting you a research by Adobe and Econsultancy which shows us the importance of whole customer view and predictive analytics.

Using data to increase profit and retention isn’t simply on the list of marketing’s priorities, it’s the premise on which the modern customer relationship is predicated.

Do you have the tool for a customer view? Only one in five organizations has it and they are reporting better results. Our tools have full customer view.

…they are reporting better results across a variety of performance indicators – from increasing ROI to retaining more customers, to improving their experience online and offline.

Do you work towards a strategy for better use of data in your marketing program? Only 8% of respondents do.

Using data to increase profit and retention isn’t simply on the list of marketing’s priorities, it’s the premise on which the modern customer relationship is predicated. …But while they realize that using data to be customer-centric requires sophistication and the buy-in of people across the enterprise, only 26% are satisfied with the strategies they have in place.

Some of our metrics which are presented in the Individual profile are:

  • products
  • market segment membership (if the iCustomer Market Segmentation is in use)
  • Financial metrics
  • Forecast CLV
  • Revenue
  • Market drivers
  • Business interactions
  • Self-care usage
  • Campaigns overview (if the iCustomer Campaign Management is also integrated into the system).

The ability to pay individual attention to customers at scale has been the promise of online marketing since its inception.

Our iCustomer Behavior Prediction tool can calculate Churn prediction, Up-sell prediction, Cross-sell prediction and much more useful information for your business activity. Combination of our iCBP and iCCM gives you a mechanism to predict what customer want.

Just over a third (34%) of companies describe themselves as only using basic data when it comes to measuring success, which includes visitor numbers and clicks. A similar proportion (31%) have a defined set of objectives to measure ROI, with just under one in ten (9%) claiming to have an ‘advanced’ set of KPIs in place. Metrics: For data-driven marketing to be successful, the strategy must include definitions of each important metric, how it will be collected and managed, especially before it is ensconced in a database.

We have implemented Individual profile feature into our Campaign management and it works flawlessly. Here you can check some additional features of iCCM.

Only 13% say that a single customer view is currently being implemented.

Contact us and we will present you with benefits of our 360-degree customer view.

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